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EPIC® Connectors for Industrial Applications

Reliably connecting the world – in line with this motto, established family company LAPP has been operating successfully in the market since 1957. With his visionary ideas, company founder Oskar Lapp established the foundations of the company's successful history. Starting with the question “What is a cable without a connector?”, he invented the first EPIC® connector as the perfect complement to the ÖLFLEX® - a key milestone in the company’s success story.

The EPIC® range of connectors consists of Rectangular Connectors, MH Modular, Circular Connectors, Solar Connectors, Sensor/Actuator, Bus, Industrial Ethernet and Optical Data Transmission.

EPIC® Range

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Circular Connectors
MH Modular
Solar Connectors
AS-i & other data

EPIC® MH Modular System - Simple, Customizable, All-in-one

  • Modular connector system for the transmission of power, signals and data
  • Fixed frame for easy assembly
  • Individual module mounting-direction polarized to prevent insertion error
  • Compatible with competitor modules through innovative red clip
  • Components of the EPIC® MH Systems:
    - 11 Module variations
    - 4 Frame sizes
    - 4 Contact variations
    - 3 shielded variations

Frames Assembly Details

The red clip allows to mount competitor modules into EPIC frame

Place the red clip and slide it upwards

Snap in the competitor module


Design and configure a complete connector system consisting of inserts, housing, contacts with thousands of combinations for your exact requirements!

Customized Housing Configurator

Configure your own individual industrial connector housing with locking concept and cable entries:

Product Catalogues and Drawings:

For designers/engineers who need to include an EPIC® connector in your portfolio, simply register for unlimited access to our entire range of connector models, 3D and 2D CADs, drawings in 32 popular formats, such as AutoCAD and Solid Edge.

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