ÖLFLEX® CONNECT Delivery Programme

Customer service and flexibility are top priority at the LAPP. As a result, we are now offering more shipping options tailored to your needs.

Assembled to Order

  • For orders received before 12 p.m, dispatch within 7 working days*
  • Includes SIEMENS® servo types, in all lengths.

Express Delivery, your alternative for small orders in short notice.

  • 50 EUR express surcharge per type
  • Max. 3 servo assemblies
  • For orders received before 12 p.m, dispatch within 72 hours*

In stock for immediate delivery (Please refer to the article list below)

  • For orders received before 3:30 p.m, dispatch within same working day*
  • Includes 5m, 10m, 15m and 20m lengths
List of article numbers in stock for immediate delivery
6FX5/8002-5CS01 6FX5/8002-5CA23 6FX5/8002-5DA61 6FX5/8002-5DG01 6FX5/8002-5CF10
6FX5/8002-5CS21 6FX5/8002-5CA28 6FX5/8002-5DA68 6FX5/8002-5DG10 6FX5/8002-5DF10
6FX5/8002-5CS31 6FX5/8002-5CA31 6FX5/8002-5DS01 6FX5/8002-5DG11 6FX5/8002-5CG51
6FX5/8002-5CS41 6FX5/8002-5CA38 6FX5/8002-5DS11 6FX5/8002-5DG12 6FX5/8002-2DC40
6FX5/8002-5CS51 6FX5/8002-5CA41 6FX5/8002-5DS13 6FX5/8002-5DG13 6FX5/8002-2DC41
6FX5/8002-5CS61 6FX5/8002-5CA48 6FX5/8002-5DS14 6FX5/8002-5CG21  6FX5/8002-2DC42
6FX5/8002-2DC00 6FX5/8002-5CA51 6FX5/8002-5DS21 6FX5/8002-5DG22 6FX5/8002-5CG01
6FX5/8002-2DC10 6FX5/8002-5CA61 6FX5/8002-5DS31  6FX5/8002-5DG32 6FX5/8002-5CG10
6FX5/8002-2DC20 6FX5/8002-5CA58 6FX5/8002-5DS41   6FX5/8002-5DG41 6FX5/8002-5CG11
6FX5/8002-2DC30 6FX5/8002-5CS54 6FX5/8002-5DS51   6FX5/8002-5DG51 6FX5/8002-5CG12
6FX5/8002-5CA01 6FX5/8002-5DA01 6FX5/8002-5DS61  6FX5/8002-5DN01 6FX5/8002-5CG13
6FX5/8002-5DA51 6FX5/8002-5DA05 6FX5/8002-2AH00 6FX5/8002-5DN05 6FX5/8002-5CG21
6FX5/8002-5CN01 6FX5/8002-5DA11 6FX5/8002-2AH04 6FX5/8002-5DN11 6FX5/8002-5CG22
6FX5/8002-5CN05 6FX5/8002-5DA13 6FX5/8002-2AH10 6FX5/8002-5DN21 6FX5/8002-5CG23
6FX5/8002-2CH00 6FX5/8002-5DA15 6FX5/8002-2AH11 6FX5/8002-5DN31 6FX5/8002-5CG31
6FX5/8002-2EQ14 6FX5/8002-5DA21 6FX5/8002-2CA11 6FX5/8002-5DN41 6FX5/8002-5CG32
6FX5/8002-5CA05 6FX5/8002-5DA28 6FX5/8002-2CA12 6FX5/8002-5DN51 6FX5/8002-5CG41
6FX5/8002-5CA11 6FX5/8002-5DA31 6FX5/8002-2CA14 6FX5/8002-5DN61 6FX5/8002-5CG42
6FX5/8002-5CA13 6FX5/8002-5DA38 6FX5/8002-2CA15 6FX5/8002-5CS13 6FX5/8002-5CG52
6FX5/8002-5CA15 6FX5/8002-5DA41 6FX5/8002-2CA31 6FX5/8002-2EQ00 6FX5/8002-5CG61
6FX5/8002-5CA21 6FX5/8002-5DA58 6FX5/8002-2CA34 6FX5/8002-2EQ10  6FX5/8002-5CG62 


*You will be notify once the order is placed.