Mechanical Testing


Retouched tensile and elongation


To evaluate physical and mechanical properties of LAPP wire and cable and insure that these products retain critical qualification values of tensile strength and elongation after being exposed to accelerated environmental conditions. These tests are performed to verify compliance with LAPP Mechanical Resistance Cable Attributes, Industry Tests and Safety Agency Standards.


Technical Detail

Unaged or aged multiple samples that are tubular or have been die-cut to a specified length are placed within the clamping jaw mechanism of the extenso-meter. The lower and upper mechanical grip are securely tightened to prevent against any slipping or pull-out of the specimen. The sample is then subjected to being vertically pulled at a specified rate of speed which the process is initiated and controlled remotely. The test has been completed once the specimen breaks. Test results are compared to standard requirements electronically to avoid potential error and insure accuracy.