Wind Energy

It is now a well-known fact that fossil fuel supplies will run out and that the future lies in renewable, environmentally-friendly energy. As a result, wind energy has developed into a significant market.


Wind energy plays an important role for globally operating LAPP. To reflect the importance of this sector, the SBU Wind (Strategic Business Unit Wind) has been set up, specialising in products and services for the sector.


Experience is part of our portfolio


Our customers can rely on 50 years of experience, marked by the very highest levels of quality and innovation. A range of over 40,000 items worldwide is available to our customers and shows LAPP’s all-round expertise, not just in the wind energy sector.

No matter which cables our customers choose for their wind turbines, they can count on the very highest standards in terms of function, reliability and service life every time.

Many of the products from LAPP’s standard range have already proved their worth in wind energy. For example, the ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 has been in continuous use in the drip loop for more than 10 years. The high quality that LAPP demands from all its products meant that it has withstood the extreme requirements in the drip loop until this very day and is still doing its job.

Wind Energy
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