Ethernet communication from control cabinet to control cabinet

applikationsbilder 1500 x 750 v25

The various machine control cabinets are interconnected via the main cabinet. The connection is realized via managed or unmanaged switches located in the control cabinet, connected  with field-mountable RJ45 data connectors or patch panels, which are installed on Industrial Ethernet cables. The cables are permanently installed in cable trays.

Special requirements:

  • Cable in cable trays for use in the U.S. and tested by Underwriter Laboratories (USA) as PLTC (power limited tray cable) or for open cable trays as PLTC-ER (power limited tray cable exposed run)
  • Cable by lengths for installation in the cable tray
  • Field-mountable RJ45 data connector with IP20 protection class in control cabinets
  • Connectors outside the control cabinet have protection class IP67
  • Managed switches can be used for setting up redundant networks and have extensive diagnostic functions

Products used:

For communication from the control cabinet to the main cabinet