The Champion is our solution for easy unwinding of cable drums. It effortlessly accepts small spools from 15 cm or drums with a flange diameter of up to 90 cm. The special construction makes the Champion particularly light and yet provides a safe and stable stand on different surfaces.

The drum dispenser is available in two different models - Champion 52 or Champion 67. Depending on the model, the product is suitable for different drum widths of up to a maximum of 52 or 67 cm.


  • Universal and flexible use due to rubber feet or steering rollers
  • Enables cable-friendly storage and handling
  • Weight-reduced unwinding solution due to the lightweight hybrid frame made of glass fibre reinforced polyamide and aluminium
  • Robust construction suitable for outdoor use
  • Weather-resistant through the use of high-quality stainless materials
  • Load capacity up to 200 kg

Further information can be found in our LAPP product catalogue:

Part Number Article Name Product Page
85008070 CHAMPION 52 View 
85008071 CHAMPION 67 View
85008072 CHAMPION Steering rollers set View
85008073 CHAMPION Rubber feet ( 4 pc) View