Alflex for India

Introducing ÖLFLEX® Solar Al Flex

Meet Installation Challenges with Peace of Mind

Standard cables, which are not made to endure photovoltaic applications, may lead to deterioration, risk of fire or drop in electric pressure when used in the long run. The new ÖLFLEX® Solar Al Flex cable is a lightweight and cost-efficient solution that offers weatherproof cabling for both indoor and outdoor photovoltaic installations.

Safe & Versatile

Excellent Workability

Flexible and lightweight aluminium conductor is easier to handle and ideal for weight-sensitive applications such as rooftop installations.


Long-term Reliability

Aluminium material exhibits high thermal stability and improved insulation resistance over copper, for enhanced performance.


Economical Performance

More price-friendly than copper-based conductors so you can enjoy better cost efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.


Solar Cable

Product Features

  • High weathering & UV-resistance
  • High thermal stability
  • Halogen-free and flame-resistant
  • Acid and alkaline resistance
  • Low smoke density


  • Applied to aluminium conductor, which is less expensive than copper conductor
  • Easy installation due to lightweight aluminium conductor than copper conductor
  • Flexible aluminium conductors (class 5 grade) for high workability
  • Use of insulation & sheath compound meeting EN50618, the new TÜV certification standard
  • High durability due to high insulation resistance and thermal stability

Application Range

  • For the cabling between the solar modules and as extension cable between the module strings
  • Gable and flat roof photovoltaic systems
  • Photovoltaic plants and solar parks
Technical Data
Conductor stranding
Fine wire strands of aluminium conductor
According to ISO 6722-2-B
Minimum bending radius
Fixed installation: 5 x cable diameter
Rated voltage
DC U0 : 1500 V
Test voltage
AC 6500 V
Range of temperature
Fixed installation:
-40° C up to +120 °C
Max. conductor temperature

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