ÖLFLEX® and UNITRONIC® regulate and control insulating glass production sites.


Bystronic glass is one of the international leaders in manufacturing machines and plants for the production of insulating glass, laminated glass, vehicle glass and photovoltaic modules.

LAPP is the long-standing main supplier to Bystronic glass. So a new high-performance plant for the manufacture of insulating glass was also fitted out with LAPP branded products. The new plant produces large glass panes – up to 4m long, 2.70m wide and 80mm thick. The new plant can manufacture two of these glass panels per minute.

The LAPP solutions

Flame-retardant ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 810 drag chain cables (designed for up to five million alternating bending cycles) and highly-flexible UNITRONIC® FD CY data cables support the safe transport of glass panels in a “high-performance dishwasher“. Once there, ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 connection and control cables control the brush drives. After which, the gigantic and now 100% clean glass panes are carried to an ‘inspection station‘ on air
cushions, where they are fitted in spacing frames.

Grippers controlled by ÖLFLEX® press the two glass panes into the frame. The space between the two panes is then filled with inert gas – to maximise warmth and soundproofing – and the edges are sealed with a two component adhesive made from polysulphide and silicone. Motors are the driving force in all process steps in which control and connections to the LAPP branded control cabinets are used.
Bystronic insulating glass plants, intended for the North American market, are equipped with approved ÖLFLEX® 191 connection and control cables with multinorm UL-CSA-HAR single conductors. Incidentally: Bystronic insulated glazing is not just used to create comfortable living spaces in people’s homes, but also to achieve breath-taking moments in places such as the Formula 1 stadium in Abu Dhabi, for example.



The customer
Bystronic glass specialises in the development of application-oriented systems and services for glass processing. The objective is to develop solutions that offer glass users greater safety and comfort.

The company’s range of services ranges from basic components to automated, customer-specific complete solutions.
In 2008, the company employed around 800 employees. Since 1994 it has been part of Conzzeta AG.



Requirements and advantages
It is not only high performance but also speed that is required in the 46-metrelong insulating glass production system.
For this purpose, ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 810 drag chain cables and highly flexible UNITRONIC® FD CY data lines are perfect. The extremely space-saving ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 cable is used to
control drives. LAPP supplies all required products from a single source and offers expert advice — this not only saves customers
time, but also money.

Products used
ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 810 drag chain cables and highly flexible UNITRONIC® FD CY data lines are used in the system itself. ÖLFLEX® CLASSIC 110 connection and control lines are used to control the brush drives.