ÖLFLEX® in Factory Automation Line

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ÖLFLEX® for Milk Powder Factory Automation Line
25km of JJ-LAPP cables for Mead Johnson Nutrition’s new automation line at its Singapore factory.
JJ-LAPP Cable has been awarded a contract to supply S$200,000 worth of power and control cables to Mead Johnson Nutrition for use in a new automation line in its milk powder factory. Totalling 25km in length, the cable solution features ÖLFLEX®110 black, ÖLFLEX® Servo 2YSLCYK-JB, ÖLFLEX® 115CY and Neoprene Cable H07RN-F and will be used in the chillers, vibrator, feeding system and packing system of the factory in Singapore. The cables are also used in the oven areas, withstanding high ambient temperatures and mechanical stress.
Mr George Tan, Assistant Sales Manager at JJ-LAPP Cable shares: “Working closely with a local contractor whom we have partnered for more than a decade, together with a positive track record in the biomedical industry that includes projects for Wyeth, GSK and Abbott, ensured that we won this project. We see good market potential and are looking forward to expanding our capabilities to cover more aspects of new factory set-up.”