LAPP Powers Korea Bullet Train

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LAPP cables will be helping the Korea Train eXpress (KTX) to accelerate to 300 km/h on its new line. A successful pilot project for Hyundai-Rotem has shown that the trend for railway cables is right on top of the agenda. With our new electron beam cross-linking plant at our Korean site, great knowledge of local markets and technological excellence we are ready for this challenging market.


A hundred kilometres of cables are integrated into Korea's showcase project, which links Suseo station on the Eastern edge of the capital, Seoul, with Mokpo in the South West and Pusan in the South East. There were three crucial reasons why Hyundai-Rotem chose the ÖLFLEX® TRAIN cables: local presence, the technology used and the very short delivery time of just eight weeks. Our electron beam cross-linking plant was crucial, as it is a high-tech system that only a few manufacturers in the world operate.


Our cables meet the standards

The challenge in the cable production is the finishing treatment which turns the ÖLFLEX® into the ÖLFLEX® TRAIN: cross-linking. This means changing the molecular structure of the plastics used by external action - using chemical catalysts or electron beams. The molecular chains link together to form a networked structure with different properties. If a cable was only usable up to a temperature of 90°C before cross-linking, afterwards it can resist 120°. This is necessary cause high temperatures can occur on a train around the drive system or can be caused by short circuits.


Customized solution for our customers

The Korea Train eXpress (KTX), operated by the South Korean state railway company Korea Railroad Corporation (Korail) has been successfully running on two routes since 2004: Seoul-Mokpo and Seoul-Pusan. A new, third route is now being opened to Suseo. The line is due to come into operation at the end of 2015.

Alongside our technological and logistical expertise, cultural factors also played a role in the decision. Hydundai-Rotem preferred a regional supplier who can respond quickly and is familiar with conditions in the Korean market. While LAPP Korea is producing cables to EN standards, Hyundai-Rotem also stipulates fire testing to the British Standard.

A further reason why Hyundai-Rotem has chosen LAPP cables is our ability to offer tailored customer solutions - in this case special cable assemblies for train connections. We have developed three special railway cables for high-speed trains on the Suseo line. There is a hybrid connecting cable (ÖLFLEX® TRAIN GKW 300V) and two high flexibility cables, the ÖLFLEX® TRAIN 4GKW HF 1800V and the ÖLFLEX® TRAIN 9GKW HF 3600V. The latter are used as connecting cables between the carriages and must be able to continuously withstand a very tight bending radius. Hyundai-Rotem is very satisfied with the fact that we can supply appropriate custom solutions in a short time frame and provide support on all technical issues - immediately and on site.