Message from our CEO

13th of April


Dear Customers and Friends of LAPP

COVID19 is well and truly upon us now, and it’s not going away anytime soon.

Social, safe distancing & workplace segregation, work from home, business continuity plans, hand washing & sanitizing, face masks, constant disinfection  -  these are terms and phrases we hear and repeat more and more each day in business and also at home.

It is no different at LAPP and in the homes of all LAPP employees.  In order that we can continue to serve all our customers and friends during these challenging times, it is paramount that all our employees remain safe, alert and available.

Even with these temporary governmental measures and restrictions, LAPP companies in the Asia Pacific region continue to fulfil orders, receive orders and respond to any customer enquiry wherever possible.  You can also contact us via our online eShops.  We remain committed to all our customers and friends in the region.

In nearly all of our Asia Pacific operations, we have been certified part of essential services supply chain, and this is also true of our global operations as well.  Nearly all of our plants are still running.

However, like every other business, local transportation, air freight and shipping remains frustrating.  But we will endeavour to get your orders to you in the shortest time possible using our regional and global networks and supply chain.

Thank you for supporting and trusting LAPP.  We hope that during these difficult times, we can support you too.

Keep safe, Stay home.

Warm regards,

Richard Lee

CEO, Asia Pacific


More information

In these extraordinary times, we want to offer and encourage you to use and connect with us through our digital channels.

For the support in specific countries please find the following links to our eShop where you can check for inventory or place orders or you can also get in touch with the local customer service through the Live Chat function, eMail or phone call:

LAPP India Online Shop

LAPP China Online Shop

LAPP Korea Online Shop

LAPP Japan Online Shop 


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The operations in LAPP Asia Pacific

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